Stress Test System

Producent: P. U. H. MEDEA SP z o. o.


The first version of the exercise was developed over 25 years ago in cooperation with Polish scientists and cardiologists. The culmination of its development today is Stresstest, advanced and proven medical practice by hundreds of Polish system users to stress test the heart, willingly bought also due to moderate price. Stress ECG is different from a typical resting ECG that despite the difficult conditions of performing every test must be successful, because it can not be repeated. Patient movement, contact electrodes weaker, poorer quality treadmill can cause interference, especially in the most crucial part of the final sample, making it difficult to interpret. That is why professional exercise test is characterized by resistant artifacts algorithms for the detection of QRS, arrhythmia and create clean averages and dedicated hardware ECG. For the purposes of the exercise test developed two miniature cameras ECG wired USB and Bluetooth for increased resistance to saturation and poor electrode contact. Where the exercise test is performed often, we apparatus "Cardio PCM-u" with USB, because it is completely maintenance-free - no batteries. It should be emphasized that both the camera USB wired and wireless, are equally resistant to the movement of the test on a treadmill, because transmit ECG signal from the patient to a computer in digital form, completely insensitive to interference.