ECG holter monitors

Silicon Beat 3/12 Blue

holter monitor silicon beat 12
The compact holter monitor, which can work in 3 or 12 channel mode, depending on the patient cable attached. Powered by two AA batteries. It records 24, 48 hours or in manual stop mode, where it can record up to a week.

Silicon Beat 3 Blue

The smallest solution of this kind available on the market - 3 channel holter monitor. Extremely energy-efficient - allows up to one month to operate on one CR 2032 battery. Comfortable and invisible under the clothes. It can record 24, 48 hours or up to 14 days of continous signal in multi-day registration mode.


MedeaLine 6P

electrocardiograph medealine 6p
12 chanel electrocardiograoph that can work stationary or during home visits. It has a thermal printer on a roll of 112 mm wide. It is equipped with a touch screen. On one load, you can perform dozens of studies that can be archived on a memory card.


electrocardiograph pcm-u
A small 12 channels ECG computer electrocardiograph. It allows you to perform standard ECG and stress test. Powered from a USB port from a computer. It has a convenient display for viewing signal and an ergonomic keyboard.

Blood pressure holter monitor

Watch BP O3

blood pressure holter monitor
Blood-pressure holter monitor produced by the Swiss company Microlife. Small, comfortable, with a set of cuffs, straps and ducts to accommodate every patient. Convenient review and archiving of reports on your computer. It has the function of detecting atrial fibrillation.

Stress test devices

Axelero treadmill

axelero treadmill Medical treadmill produced by the Polish company Meden Inmed. It has a wide belt and an ergonomic frame that makes it comfortable for any patient. It is quiet and comfortable to use both for the test and for the staff. It has an emergency safety button.


Holter System

holter analysis system
Advanced holter analysis system. Works with SiliconBeat 3 and 12 Blue holter monitors. It has implemented two modes of analysis - retrospective and prospective - to choose according to the doctor's preference. It allows for convenient and fast study design and compilation and printout of the report.

Cardio PC

ecg analysis system Software for ECG analysis. It allows convenient viewing, measurement, adding signal segments to the report and archiving the study. Works with ECG MedeaLine 6 P and Cardio PCM. It has a convenient interface and an intuitive menu.

Stresstest System

Composite stress test system that works with MedeaLine 6P and Kardio PCM cameras, the Sana Bike ergometer and the Axelero treadmill. High quality recording and immunity to interference. Ability to review and archive records, perform measurements and more.


Patient cables

patient cables
Patient cables are made to last for durability and as comfortable as possible for the patient. Cables compatible with SiliconBeat 3 and 12 Blue, MedeaLine 6P, Cardio PCM. Simple mounting method allows for manual replacement.


Other products compatible with our devices - batteries and rechargeable batteries for recorders, chargers, cables, memory cards and card readers, thermal printer paper, recorder covers, recorder mount holders, electrodes and more.